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Ziel - Back :iconnairan:Nairan 3 0 Ziel - Bust :iconnairan:Nairan 7 0 Ziel - Stable Metamorph :iconnairan:Nairan 2 0
Mature content
Ariessa Kheleri :iconnairan:Nairan 1 0
Aerth, or A-er-Tha, translates from draconic language as "One-who-Changes". Rephrasing, Aerth means "a Changing World".
Starting simple
If one would manage to observe Aerth from its orbit, he would find a world not very different from any other. Three continents are divided by inner sea and surrounded by great water expanse which is clouded by everlasting storms. Northern, the smallest of the three, is covered in thick greenery with an exception of southern coast, where lies a lifeless desert. Dividing the continent roughly in two, a great mountain range goes from northern reaches down south, into inner sea.
Two big continents are so similar in appearance they could be called mirrors of each other. Eastern and Western so-called Twins. Climate zones of Twins range from great savannas on the north-east and north-west respectively and to freezing tundra in the south.
Inner sea is always shrouded by thick gray clouds - signs of unceasing volcanic activity. Eruptions and earthquakes
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Arie Statistic :iconnairan:Nairan 0 2
Dragon race
Dragons of Aerth are a race of metamorphic (natural grade 3 - limited genetic-based extremities shaping), gene variative species.
Genetic variativity in this case means that there are persistent subspecies inside the main species that can successfully interbreed with each other, producing healthy offspring.
For dragons, this comes down to so-called "bloodlines". Draconic bloodline is an elementally-based subspecies, that is easily distinguished from any other.
For example, Water bloodline breathes high-pressure jets of water that can even cut through metal. Dragons of this bloodline possess sleek skin and body shape that is suited for underwater movement. Their eyes see perfectly in the water and they have an extended lung capacity. Coloration normally varies from light misty-blue to marshy green.
Dark bloodline, on the other hand, breathes clouds of darkness that affect their enemy sense of depth and perception in addition of not being able to see. Their scales are rou
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About Arie
Name: Ariessa Kheleri
Alias: Mischief
Gender: Female
Self-view: Tomboy
Species: Aerth Elemental Dragon
Bloodline: Lightning-Dark
Age: 15~16
Appearance: 14
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Hair color: Pearl
Hair style: Semi-unkempt shoulder-length mane
Eye color: Fire Opal
Gaze: Sparkling, mischievous
Skin tone: Moonstone, with darker stripes
Skin texture: Glassy, cool to touch
Horns: Very sharp, shape can be controlled somewhat
Ears: Pointed, curved
Nose: Straight
Teeth: Sharp, needle-like, quite numerous
Tongue: Long, elastic
Wings: Small, vestigial (due to age)
Arms & Feet: Scaled, bestial-looking...obvious relation to the Dark bloodline
Tail: Somewhat thick yet dexterous
Brand: Dark bloodline sign on right wrist (normally hidden)
Magical tattoo: Lightning bloodline sign on left
:iconnairan:Nairan 0 4
Arie :iconnairan:Nairan 2 2


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Ziel - Back
Ziel is perfectly capable of mildly altering her form, ranging from bladed forearms and surprise tentacles from wing stumps to clawed maws on palms and full-grown wings.

Most interesting and baffling fact about Ziel, though, is that she actually wears clothes, instead of transforming parts of her body into their likelihood, as all metamorphs hate foreign objects being close to their ever-changing body, tolerating enchanted jewelry at most.

Ziel and Aerth belong to :iconnairan:
Adopted from FA user a-n-c-h-o-r-e-d
Art by :iconxxakaeuchihaxx:
Ziel - Bust
Name: Ziel
Age: Unknown
Species: Metamorph
Gender: Female (assumed)
Orientation: Unknown
Height: 167 cm
Build: Slim, frail
Special: Just one, oddly specific, form

Ziel and Aerth belong to :iconnairan:
Adopted from FA user a-n-c-h-o-r-e-d
Art from :iconbackwardssnappy:
Ziel - Stable Metamorph

There are many vastly different races inhabiting Aerth, both natural and not. Metamorphs are, probably, its most bizarre denizens, obviously descended from a lifeforms vastly different from any other. Their biochemistry incompatible with aerthian, they need to protect themselves by creating a layers of simulacrum flesh on top of their amorphous semi-liquid body. Essentially, they take on appearance of different creatures inhabiting Aerth, changing from one form to another as they see fit, morphing their consciousness as well, leaving only a bare fraction of their self active to blend better with the world. Metamorphs hold history both as strange whimsical creatures and, in rare cases, bloodthirsty monsters - depending on the change path and rare inherent flaw, some metamorphs may lose capacity for thought process and live their remaining days to devour and change in endless cycle.

Ziel is highly unique even among metamorphs. Due to some innate disability or powerful mental imprint early in the change path, [gender presumed] she can't assume any form other than that of a slim female bird-like humanoid. She compensates somewhat by being highly proficient in maintaining it. Inside of Ziel's body, instead of amorphous substance that all metamorphs should consist of, lie perfect copies of all organs and fluids normal for a warm-blooded humanoid race. This does not preclude highly acidic blood or spontaneous changes in biochemistry, however - not only Ziel can, she happily does alter the composition of her insides.

Ziel and Aerth belong to :iconnairan:
Adopted from FA user a-n-c-h-o-r-e-d
Art by :iconmoneseme:

Ariessa Kheleri
Time flew by and a young, somewhat naive girl grew up. She is still a teenager, but has gained deep insight and understanding of the world as it is - a very interesting... and dangerous place.

Arie belongs to :iconnairan:
Amazing art by :iconulario:


Alexander Romanov
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